venerdì 15 agosto 2008

domenica 27 gennaio 2008

Bamboo Bike Project

The Bamboo Bike Project is a collaboration between Scientists and Engineers at The Earth Institute at Columbia University, and a bicycle builder at Calfee Design. The project aims to examine the feasibility of implementing cargo bikes made of bamboo as a sustainable form of transportation in Africa. The ultimate goals of the project are: To build a better bike for poor Africans in rural areas; and To stimulate a bicycle building industry in Africa to satisfy local needs.

venerdì 21 dicembre 2007

martedì 13 novembre 2007

World Bamboo Resources

A thematic study prepared in the framework of the FAO Global Forest Resources Assessment 2005.

authors: Maxim Lobovikov, Shyam Paudel, Marco Piazza, Hong Ren, Junqi Wu

Full document available here: